“I am always so very impressed with Phoenix Fashion Week and how well organized it is! Brian Hill and his great team have built an amazing support system for local designers. The Fashion Business Incorporated (FBI) is honored to be partnered with Phoenix Fashion Week, and we look forward to building more bridges to other exciting opportunities.”

-Frances Harder, Founder of Fashion Business Inc. 


“As a trend watcher, I’ve always found fashion weeks in major cities like Phoenix to be a crossroads of inspiration for fashion, retail, culture and more.  Phoenix Fashion Week has been on my radar for the past few years and realized that “bridging designers and buyers” is an exchange that I’d needed to be a part of.   Phoenix has provided me with great inspiration over the last year, whether I was downtown for promotions or as a tourist in the museums or shopper in malls; now I can be connected to style and the runways, thanks to the fashion community.”                                                             – Tom Julian, Nordstrom’s author, trend expert


“As a buyer for boutiques across the country and world, it’s my job to travel and see where the new talent is coming from. I think Phoenix Fashion Week has a lot to offer. PHXFW does an excellent job of nurturing emerging designers and it’s a pleasure to take part.”

–Mercedes Gonzalez, Global Purchasing Group 



I have believed and been involved in the vision of Phoenix Fashion Week from day one. It is rewarding to see where it is today!” 

-Margaret Merritt, Director of The Agency Arizona




“Phoenix Fashion Week provides an amazing opportunity for Arizona high school fashion students to see and participate in real world activities relating to the career field. Someday soon, one of our Arizona students will be an emerging designer during Phoenix Fashion Week. That will be AMAZING!

-Ruth Kerr, State Advisor of Arizona Department of Education



“Winning Phoenix fashion week was a huge honor. The team was incredibly supportive and focused on raising the level of all of the brands to find great successes. I gained immense knowledge about the inner workings of the industry that have helped me transition into an established brand. We are so excited to launch on the largest online retailer (zappos.com) in April! This is THE opportunity that Bri Seeley has been working towards – thanks entirely to Phoenix Fashion Week!”   Bri Seeley, 2012 Emerging Designer Winner


“It’s nice to see that the emerging designer contest is about real world fashion and business. Branding, costing, marketing and sales are crucial in being able to support and grow a business and it’s nice to see an organization focus on that as opposed to couture outfits that are pretty but impossible to reproduce.” – Anna Friss, Blue Bird Denim: 2011 Emerging Designer of the Year

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