Model of the Year Contest


With each new year of Phoenix Fashion Week, so too begins our various competitions, including the Model of the Year Contest! Meant to support and nurture our local talent, this competition has achieved not only immense growth and range, but most importantly, numerous success stories for our models involved.

MEET the models of the 2016 Top 40!


Challenge #1: HEAD SHOT

What better way to start a competition than with a new head shot! The models attitude & energy during the photo shoot along with their final photo played a part in determining the winner of this challenge.

Congratulations to Deividas & Cierra who took home the win!

Magazine Cover PHXFW Cierra

Magazine Cover PHXFW Deivadas









Challenge #2: RUNWAY 

At Shop Garment District our Top 40 hit the runway for the 1st time showing a sneak peak at our Emerging Designers debut collections! In the end, Chante + Isaiah won best walk of the night!

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Our top 40 Models once again were thrown in front of the camera to work their best angles for an editorial ad!  Shot by Romen Cole and Nader Abushhab, our models worked their poses in 4 different teams; Olympics, Royalty, Color Pop, + FURocious! Team Olympics won for best group photo, and models Faith, Cierra, Nick + Andreas took home the win for best individual photo!

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Challenge #4: INTERVIEW

The Top 40 models took part in an ‘Interview Challenge’ with The Agency Arizona!

They were graded on how well they prepared for their first big casting, overall professionalism + if they have that special spark. Congrats to Chloe + Isaiah for this win!

14615666_10153933742131711_3004114633134032227_o 14633174_10153933741591711_565111455191670781_o

Challenge #5: SOCIAL MEDIA

What better way to end the competition than with a good old Social Media Vote! The Peoples vote for Model of the Year went to Maia! Congratulations!








After a long 4 months of fun fierce friendly competition…. we are proud to announce…

Cierra & Isaiah

M O D E L  OF THE  Y E A R  2016 Winners!



Past Winner Advice

11535862_10152927035046711_2813567611097371637_n My favorite part of being in the Top 40 was meeting new people and making new friends. My advice for the new class of models is to really listen to everything the team has to say whether it’s positive or negative, they are there to help you become a better brand! They have so much important & helpful information to share so stay focused & pay attention. I didn’t win any of the official challenges, however I was chosen as the face of Sugar Sugar which definitely helped me get noticed in the end I think. So BE FEARLESS and take every opportunity seriously! I am honored to be signed with The Agency AZ where I continue to pursue my modeling career. I wish everyone the best of luck! Tali Talburt- 2015

1800372_10152927034236711_8911443732555244857_nMy favorite part of being chosen for the top 40 is all the opportunities that came with it. They put me in the front lines & showed me a taste of how life would be like in that industry . My advice; 1: Always pay attention & do what is asked! 2: Always be on time 3: Give it your all & be super confident. You have to be your biggest fan because if you can’t think you’ll win then you won’t.Through modeling I got into acting & I love it. I recently did a short film & several commercials. You never know what lies ahead unless you put yourself out there! GOOD LUCK- Jesus Rojas-2015

My favorite experience from PHXFW  is being able to get so heavily involved in the fashion industry, getting to know everyone from the staff to the new models, and working with some of the most talented fashion designers was the best opportunity I could of asked for my modeling career. I was part of the top 40 competition for two years prior to winning and every year I grew as a model and as a person. It is going to push you outside of your comfort zone and definitely get you all the exposure you could ask for when pursuing a modeling career so take full advantage of that as you go through the competition with an open mind.  Bianca Meade 2014

My advice to the new and all future top 40 models is always have a positive attitude no matter what situation you are in, keep a smile on your face as you never know who is watching ! Most importantly always be willing to learn and grow because the moment you think you learned it all you’re done and remember always stay HUMBLE! Nick Koester  2014


For me, winning the model of the year title was the cherry on top to the entire PHXFW experience. Being selected as part of the Top 40, working alongside such talented designers, stylists, & models, & getting the opportunity to do what I love constantly over 3 months was such a thrill & pleasure! Piece of advice: You are the model. Not the designer or stylist. You are a hanger for the look they want to send down the runway or embody in a photo. Be okay with that & go with the flow. This entire experience is far more enjoyable if you have an open mind! I am a working model with the Agency Arizona. That was my first goal, & because of that being accomplished I am now able to pursue my larger goal of a modeling career in New York and Europe. Madison Farrell – 2013 

My experience with PHXFW was an invaluable one. I found it as an opportunity to refine my modeling skills in all respects and I thrived in a competitive yet friendly environment. The advice I would give to all models in this competition is twofold, you must always stay open minded and critical of oneself in order to improve, and you must always remain infallibly confident in oneself in order to win. After PHXFW I find myself signed with an exceptional agency that is concerned about my personal & professional development in this wonderful industry. This experience has provided an abundance of opportunity for myself and I now view the world as my oyster. Good Luck,  Denis Danicic – 2013 

Have FUN! No matter the outcome of this journey you will walk away with new experiences, a large connection of people for support & exposure, & tons of new tips to further your career. It is an amazing experience from beginning to end, so as long as you put forth effort, your best foot forward, & enjoy every second, you will do great. Also, be sure to put yourself out there! You can’t expect to learn & grow if you’re not willing, so let go & try new things!  I am signed with the Agency Arizona, & furthering my career as my sister & I are headed to LA in the fall to pursue acting & modeling. No dream is ever too large, so keep on fighting for what you love, & remember, you can’t rush something you want to last forever. Best wishes XX Madison Brown – 2012 

PHXFW has been my most rewarding modeling experience to date. Not only was I able to be signed with one of the top agencies in AZ, I was also able to meet some lifelong friends along the way. This will truly be a time of bonding & growing from one another. So a word of advice, LISTEN to every word of critique that is given to you and ACT on it. The PHXFW team will not steer you wrong. I am currently still signed with the Agency Arizona and actively receiving work. Most of my work consists of local runway fashion shows, & I’ve also done a photo shoot for a national jewelry line, a fashion show in Las Vegas for Dilliards, and a music video for  R&B singer Tyrese. Work hard, stay focused, but most importantly, ENJOY every moment fellow Top 40 Models!!! See you on the Runway!!! Stay beautiful, Alexis Hamilton – 2011 


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