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Just Jane features Stop Staring! Fashions

Let’s take ourselves back to the 1940s in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona…“Femme, fatale Jane” is a beautiful, sexy woman who uses her innocent persona to charm and manipulate men to do whatever she desires.Her life takes a dangerous turn when a mysterious ex-lover wants to reunite and will not take no for an answer. A detective is hired to […]

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A Quick Decision Proves Strong for Cinematographer, Kevin Taylor

The Great Fashion Depression’s cinematographer, Kevin Taylor, initially didn’t plan to study film in college.He planned to attend Collins College for game design. But the day before he signed his applications, he decided game design wasn’t right for him, making a quick decision to study film instead.“I’ve always been creative and known that I wanted to make stuff,” stated Kevin.Film […]

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Fashion Cinema Merges Fashion, Film and TV

Producer of 3 Chicks Production, Chante Trepte, has been envisioning the concept of merging fashion, TV and film since she was in film school, but she didn’t know how to get started.Just recently, Trepte created a strategy to make it all happen—Fashion Cinema.Trepte had previous experiences producing a fashion talk show in Kauai, HI called Fashion Cafe and later producing […]

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“The Great Fashion Depression:” a Phoenix Fashion Week Movie

The recession of the economy has affected the best of people, except for us devoted fashionistas.The Great Fashion Depression, produced by 3 Chicks Production, is a story based on the rising success of Phoenix Fashion Week despite the recession.The film takes place in modern day Phoenix, but it is created and designed with elements from the 1920s.The story goes a […]

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