Phoenix Fashion Week Runway Show Lineup 2018

Emerging Designers: 2018

Activ Intimates – Activating sensuality in the passionate woman

Inhibition Solved

Activ Intimates based in Scottsdale, Arizona, creates lingerie for the passionate woman to inspire confidence and activate her erotic energy.  Always beyond the ordinary, each style is a sensual celebration of her beautiful body. Evoking a playful mood, peaking imagination – she’s in control. For more information visit:


Amanda Casarez – Designing Tomboy Chic with a feminine contemporary polish

Effortlessly Cool

About Amanda Casarez: Amanda Casarez, a St. Louis based label with a high-fashion and street chic twist, an ultra modern aesthetic with standout detailing, yet effortlessly cool styling, and a borrowed-from-the-boys-attitude. The brand’s ethos, to create a wardrobe that focuses on a woman’s complete life: modern, premium quality pieces with the inimitable ease of streetwear, making sure our everyday muse can live her life in every piece we create. Clothing that embodies a feminine, strong, confident woman, inside and out. For more information visit:


Being Dapper – Designing dashing apparel for the modern man

Being Dapper Is A Lifestyle

Being Dapper is a Phoenix based lifestyle brand focused on developing high quality garments that express what a modern gentleman looks like. Restoring and building confidence in men through powerful statements expressed through fabric. Being Dapper is more than just fashion, it is a gentleman’s pursuit for excellence. For more information


Chau Chic Designs – Designing lux fashion for the glamorous

No Boundaries, Just Opulence.


Cody Chris Collection – Designing ornate pieces for modern-day superstars

When life is your runway!

Welcome to Cody Chris Collection! Whether you are male, female, or in-between, our objective is to make you the belle of the ball at any social event. Contemporary fashion that never compromises attention to timeless details. Made in Arizona, we bring enduring runway pieces to your closet. We are more than just a brand and embrace the true superstar-like qualities found within each other! For more information please visit and follow us on Instagram @codychriscollection.


MollyKate Cline Designing sustainable styles for the ethereal woman

“Rooted in love”

Based in Columbus, Ohio, MollyKate Cline strives to make philanthropic moves within the fashion industry by designing women’s ready to wear clothing, created with sustainable materials, produced in the US, while giving back to mental health awareness along the way. Staple pieces often juxtapose hand painted textiles and dainty details to deliver on trend looks for the young free spirited woman. The label prides itself in creating pieces that are high quality to make women feel as good as they look. For more information visit:



Nani Swimwear – Creating Active Swimwear for Adventure-Seeking Women

Live Nani.

Nani Swimwear is made for movement; The brand transcends, innovates and creates high quality swimwear that supports, flatters, and keeps up with active women. Nani was established in 2016 when 17-year-old co-founder and designer, Marissa Barlow, noticed a need for active swimwear that was also on trend fashionably. Nani is the Hawaiian word for “beautiful”, and Nani provides swimwear that empowers women to live a nani (beautiful) life by seeking adventure, being kind, and striving to give back. To find out more, visit


Orlando Dugi Designing alluring fashion for the elegant women

Beauty and grace.

Orlando Dugi is a Santa Fe based fashion house, designing timeless yet modern elegance for the chic woman. Luxurious fabrics, textures, embellishments, and extravagance, inspired by and handcrafted from tradition deeply rooted in Diné matriarchal heritage. Orlando Dugi meticulously threads the past with the present. For more information, visit:


Rockin Street Wear – Creating classic streetwear for the social trendsetter

Iconic Style

Rockin Street Wear is a Phoenix based classically cool clothing line with a unique one of a kind look featuring iconic imagery. For people around the world to express rock and enhance their wardrobe and everyday life. Rockin Street Wear is quality, comfortable , classic and Rock N Roll! For more information visit


SiSi Aduke – Creating vibrant styles for the modern woman

Beauty in color.

“Chandler, Arizona based, Sisi Aduke is a fashion brand committed to showcasing beauty and confidence in a woman through the use of vibrant prints, trend setting designs and comfortable clothing. With a vision to empower individuality and uniqueness, Sisi Aduke calls out the beauty within while enhancing beauty on the outside. For more information, visit:


WVSH – Designing lifestyle pieces for the young visionary

Win Victories Stay Humble

Based out of San Diego, CA, WVSH, emerged with a signature oversized fit  for urban west coast leisure. Synchronized with a touch of utilitarian surplus style from a military background, WVSH is forged from exaggerated bold prints and basic garments re-conceptualized in new cuts and silhouettes. The brand features unique grommeting and lacing, washing, distressing and embroidery techniques. Fabric selections includes leather, suede, denim and more cozy materials such as wool and cashmere.


Zelenco – Empowering European style for the modern woman

Exceptional design.

San Jose based Zelenco is transcending fashion. We embody feminine mystique to project a daring, modern flair to raise the self-esteem of women through European style and modern cuts. With our unique embroidery and trendy designs, Zelenco styles are for modern chic women. For more information, visit