Seminar Series

Education is one of our pillars of PHXFW. We are focused on helping designers and fashion businesses succeed in the industry.   We have taken the content of our Emerging Designer Bootcamp and broken down our lesson topics into smaller seminars, webinars and e-books.  Our seminars are geared towards building relevant skills and strategies that will improve fashion business at every stage of development.  All the seminars are a taught by leaders and experts within the fashion industry.



“I want to thank you for the educational programs that you have had. I cannot say enough about how much these programs have helped me as a start-up business owner. If I am able to be successful, it will be due in no small part to you and your work with Phoenix Fashion Week. Thank you.”
C. Wilcox | Resa Royale

“You’re never too young or old to learn that education is the key to success. Phoenix Fashion Week is dedicated to the continuing education and mentoring of students with an eye on a career in the fashion industry, as well as industry professionals who wish to enhance their business acumen.”
Liz Riley | Director of Education


“Just the idea of being able to take my students to a REAL fashion week and being able to bring to life, the things that I teach in class is very exciting! My fashion students have raised funds by selling water and root beer floats, just to go to Phoenix Fashion Week!”
Deb Strother | Fashion Teacher | Lake Havasu High School

“The workshops through Phoenix Fashion Week were helpful in the process to even get the idea to showcase a clothing label in the runway show. Very knowledgeable and industry accredited speakers at the workshops educated myself on a number of different topics that I use every day in the Living Dreams brand.”
Michael | Living Dreams

We met a boutique owner at one of the workshops who picked up our line!

“The PHXFW Workshops were a can’t-miss opportunity for learning and improving our business skills, as well as networking. In fact, we met a boutique owner at one of theworkshops who picked up our line! It’s an invaluable resource for Emerging Designers, why wouldn’t you takefull advantage of it?”
Julie Cruz | Shawl Dawls

“Phoenix Fashion Week showed the business perspective of fashion which helped Mabella Chic brand grow to the next step by being prepared with the necessary tools.”
Mabel Cortez | Mabella Chic

Recap of 2017

The Business of Fashion Seminar Series

Thursday, October 5, 2017

“Launch Your Brand! 10 Steps to Turn a Fashion Idea into a Business Reality” – Alison Callaway, Phoenix Fashion Week
Learn the 10 simple steps for launching your fashion brand for long term success. Learn how to discover your brand strengths and use them to create a unique niche in the competitive marketplace.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, stylist, blogger, small business owner or even a student…you are a “brand” and this seminar will help you LAUNCH successfully!

 “Don’t Be Legally Naked – Protect Your Designs” -Andrea Arndt, Attorney, Dickson Wright
Protect your brand image through the use of copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, licensing, non-disclosure agreements, patents, and domain names. This seminar offers a basic guide to the fashion design process and the law to protect your work. It covers the steps any creative designer should take in order to stop somebody else from stealing or otherwise using your work without your permission. It also provides guidance on minimizing your risk of getting sued for using someone else’s work.

“Sell Your Designs: Insider Tips to Drive Fashionistas and Boutiques to BUY” -Alison Callaway, Phoenix Fashion Week
This seminar focuses on the 10 “MUST DO” STEPS you need to DO to get your CUSTOMERS to buy BIG! Learn insider tricks to get buyers to write orders and end users to pay full retail for your designs! Also learn the TOP 10 THINGS NOT TO DO. This hands-on seminar is perfect for apparel and accessory designers as well as any small business that is looking to sell products wholesale or retail.

Friday, October 6, 2017

“Best Damn Digital Marketing Seminar Ever!” – Ron Cates,
Digital marketing icon Ron Cates has created this seminar exclusively for Phoenix Fashion Week. The seminar will cover the core elements of a successful marketing strategy, taking into consideration the budget and time constraints of running a fashion business. No cost and low cost on-line marketing tools that are simple and effective will be emphasized.
Advanced marketers will learn new tricks, but beginners will not be lost. Topics include: branding, website elements, email marketing, social media, maximizing review sites, and much more. This is an entertaining, yet educational can’t miss seminar for your business!

“Apps Unleashed: Use Your Smartphone to Drive Your Fashion Business!” – Ron Cates,
With a smartphone or tablet, you have an incredibly powerful computer, communication device and on-line marketing tool in your pocket! There are hundreds of free (or very inexpensive) apps that can drive sales, improve communication with customers and market your business.
Join Ron Cates, digital marketing icon and renowned app expert, as he presents a seminar based on extensive testing and research on the must-have apps (including the newest and obscure gems you have never heard of before). How to use them for maximum impact and how to use them in conjunction with your other marketing efforts to magnify results. Note* – This seminar is for EVERYONE. “Beginners” will not be lost and “power users” will still learn something new.

“MORE Than the #OOTD: The Business Behind Blogging” -Audree Lopez, Stylist & Blogger
Learn the stages of building a blog, from the business plan & foundation to the Who, Why, What, Where & How. Analyze the reality of starting a blog and why starting local is important. Growth & engagement (the bread & butter of growing a business). Recognize growing Pains (competition, hardships, finances, sponsorships). Maintain (consistency), retain (being unique & giving your readers a service), and grow (better sponsorships, more followers, more money, and more business opportunities)
Leave with Key Business Tips: Media kit, Social Media, Editorial Calendar, Rule book – compensation, type of brands, your reputation, budget/financial and your 5 Year Plan.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

“Fashion Touri – Designers, meet your new target group and build up an international community on this new global fashion platform” -Ronja Scherzinger,
Join Vienna, Austria based and award-winning fashion entrepreneur Ronja Scherzinger in this interactive seminar based on exploring the culture of a country through fashion and design. Fashion Touri was built for both fashion designers and global tourists to connect in each city while getting inspired and collecting memories!
Learn how she took a unique fashion concept from idea all the way to a successful launch and how to apply these same steps in your fashion business. Learn how to create an international fanbase and which networks will help to gain global attention? Learn why a multichannel approach is effective and how to promote customer loyalty despite the distance.

“How Not to Be a Basic B: Create a UNIQUE Blog, Brand, or Business” -Audree Lopez, Stylist & Blogger www.SimplyAudreeKate
How do you create a Unique brand in the competitive fashion industry? This seminar is an ‘Expert’s Guide’ to creating a Unique brand that is worth the follow. Learn the critical steps to creating a UNIQUE brand or blog or business
Find our who you are as a blogger / brand? Make the decision, is your personal brand going to be a part of your business or are they separate. Learn to identify your Unique niche? Learn how your customers/readers differentiate you and ultimately categorize you?

“State Forty Eight- Your Community is Crucial for Success” Michael Spangenberg & Stephen Polando
Learn why community is the recipe behind the success of TOP LIFESTYLE brand, State Forty Eight and why this is crucial for YOUR brand to succeed. The owners will share their story and why they joined Phoenix Fashion Week. They will illustrate the challenges of growing a brand from nothing to something. Find out what community has done for their brand image and sales.