Cortney Davis

Model of the Year 2019

“My favorite part about PHXFW was getting to make new friends who share the same dreams as me while learning how to become a more experienced model. Advice I would give is to be confident and willing to learn. Be open-minded and willing to put a lot of work in. Everyone that is a part of PHXFW wants to help make you the best model you can be, so put your all into this experience and it will change your life. I am currently signed with FORD Robert Black Agency and I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have this experience. Trust the process and have fun while doing it!”


Nyang Reat

2019 Model of the Year

“My favorite part about being in the Top 40 is the hospitality I received from all those behind the PHXFW team. Not to mention, I literally cannot go anywhere without being noticed from the community for winning 2019 Male Model of the Year. All of the challenges were amazing, and they helped mold me to be the experienced model I am now. The times that set me apart, and what I feel impacted me the most to win, were the countless times I strived for improvement in my living room hallway practicing what I learned from runway training to PERFECT MY CATWALK. Advice to the new class of Top 40 is to remember to be BOLD and CONFIDENT because the universe is working in harmony to benefit you, so why not take advantage.”


Amanda Meza

Model of the Year 2018

“Winning Model of the year has been a dream come true! The first time I tried out for Top 40 was in 2014, I had placed as a finalist but that wasn’t enough for me. My dream of becoming MOTY only grew stronger and I was determined to keep trying until it was my time. Third time’s a charm and this year I was able to see all my hard work pay off. To make it even better, the teammate PHXFW is unlike any other. They taught me about networking and how to be professional as well as other valuable skill sets. The advice I would give Top 40 models to come is to stay humble and work it! Make the most these experiences; it’s your time now!”


Milan Howard

Model of the Year 2018

“Winning Model of the Year was surreal! This was my first time ever modeling and I feel my time in the Top 40 truly prepared me for what came next. I am now signed with The Agency Arizona and thrilled with the work that I have been able to be a part of including numerous shoots and commercials, such as Go Daddy and Danica Patrick. My advice to the new group of Top 40 is to pay attention and be professional at all times. No matter if you win or not, the opportunities are endless.”


Cierra Blankenship

Model of the Year 2017

“My favorite part of making it into the Top 40 was the people. Coming in I didn’t know anybody, but after a few practices I made 39 more friends! Since winning I’ve signed with The Agency AZ, had a few photo shoots and additionally got signed with Wilhelmina New York! Advice: HAVE FUN!! The people are awesome and once you get to know them the whole experience changes for the better. Have fun with the people around you and always follow the directions from the team… they know best! Good Luck!”


Isaiah Drake

Model of the Year 2017

“For me just getting accepted into the Top 40 was the best thing I could ask for. I never modeled before & I had no idea how to even break into the scene so getting in with PHXFW made a dream of mine come true. I’ve been so grateful for getting signed with The Agency AZ. I’ve done some exciting work with Harvest Snaps, Verizon, Footlocker, and made some great relationships with other models. Right now, I’m focusing on taking acting classes and building my model portfolio. I want to be able to do as much as possible in this industry so I hope big things continue to happen! Best of luck to the new class”


Talina Talburt

Model of the Year 2016

“My favorite part of being in the Top 40 was meeting new people and making new friends. My advice for the new class of models is to really listen to everything the team has to say whether it’s positive or negative, they are there to help you become a better brand! I didn’t win any of the official challenges, however I was chosen as the face of Sugar Sugar, which helped me get noticed in the end. So BE FEARLESS and take every opportunity seriously! I am signed with The Agency AZ where I continue to pursue my modeling career. I wish everyone the best of luck!”


Jesus Rojas

Model of the Year 2016

“My favorite part of being chosen for the Top 40 is all the opportunities that came with it. They put me in the front lines and showed me a taste of how life would be like in this industry. My advice? Always pay attention and do what is asked. Always be on time and give it your all. BE CONFIDENT. You have to be your biggest fan because if you don’t think you can win then you won’t. Through modeling, I got into acting and photography. I recently did a short film and several commercials. You never know what lies ahead unless you put yourself out there. Good luck!”


Bianca Mead

Model of the Year 2015

“My favorite experience from PHXFW  is being able to get so heavily involved in the fashion industry, getting to know everyone from the staff to the new models, and working with some of the most talented fashion designers was the best opportunity I could of asked for my modeling career. I was part of the top 40 competition for two years prior to winning and every year I grew as a model and as a person. It is going to push you outside of your comfort zone and definitely get you all the exposure you could ask for when pursuing a modeling career so take full advantage of that as you go through the competition with an open mind.” 


Nick Koester

Model of the Year 2015

“My advice to the new and all future top 40 models is to always have a positive attitude no matter what situation you are in and to always keep a smile on your face as you never know who is watching. Most importantly, always be willing to learn and grow because it goes by quickly. Currently, I am signed with The Agency Arizona and continuing to work in this wild industry. I have spent the last few years helping PHXFW coach runway which I look forward to doing each new season. STAY HUMBLE!”


Madison Farrell

Model of the Year 2014

“For me, winning the Model of the Year title was the cherry on top to my entire bootcamp experience. Being selected as part of the Top 40, working alongside such talented designers, stylists, and models, and getting the opportunity to do what I love, was such a thrill and pleasure. Piece of advice: You are the model, not the designer or stylist. You are a hanger for the look that they want to send down the runway or display in a photo. Be okay with that and go with the flow. This entire experience is far more enjoyable if you have an open mind. Work hard, be easy to work with, and check your emails! Always put yourself out there.”


Madison Brown

Model of the Year 2013

“Have FUN! No matter the outcome of this journey, you will walk away with new experiences, and a large connection of people for support and exposure. It is an amazing experience from beginning to end, so if you put forth the effort, your best foot forward, and enjoy every second, you will do great. You can’t expect to learn and grow if you’re not willing, so let go and try new things. I am now signed with LA Models and furthering my career in LA pursuing acting and modeling. No dream is ever too large, so keep on fighting for what you love, and remember, you can’t rush something you want to last forever.”


Alexis Hamilton

Model of the Year 2012

“PHXFW has been my most rewarding modeling experience. This will truly be a time of bonding & growing from one another. A word of advice, LISTEN to every word of critique that is given to you and ACT on it. The PHXFW team will never steer you the wrong direction. I am currently still modeling as most of my work consists of runway, national ad campaigns, and music videos. Work hard, stay focused, but most importantly, ENJOY every moment, my fellow Top 40 Models! Stay beautiful and see you on the runway!”