Seminar Series

Education is one of our pillars of PHXFW. We are focused on helping designers and fashion businesses succeed in the industry.   We have taken the content of our Emerging Designer Bootcamp and broken down our lesson topics into smaller seminars, webinars and e-books. Our seminars are geared towards building relevant skills and strategies that will improve fashion business at every stage of development.  All the seminars are a taught by leaders and experts within the fashion industry.


“Digital Designer Bootcamp has given us a clear understanding of our brand message and target customer. We feel empowered by the skills learned at bootcamp.” | Andrew

“DDBC has given me a blueprint for success by creating a systematic approach to habits that lead to success.” | Emeka

“An emerging designer should apply if they are ready to put in a lot of effort for an intense learning experience. IF they are ready to really give what it takes to become a successful designer.” | Kylee

“The bootcamp helped me to find my ideal target market and to use tactics on leading them to my brand.” | Colleen

“I want to thank you for the educational programs that you have had. I cannot say enough about how much these programs have helped me as a start-up business owner. If I am able to be successful, it will be due in no small part to you and your work with Phoenix Fashion Week. Thank you.”
C. Wilcox | Resa Royale

“You’re never too young or old to learn that education is the key to success. Phoenix Fashion Week is dedicated to the continuing education and mentoring of students with an eye on a career in the fashion industry, as well as industry professionals who wish to enhance their business acumen.” | Liz Riley 

“Just the idea of being able to take my students to a REAL fashion week and being able to bring to life, the things that I teach in class is very exciting! My fashion students have raised funds by selling water and root beer floats, just to go to Phoenix Fashion Week!” | Deb Strother (Fashion Teacher, Lake Havasu High School)

“The workshops through Phoenix Fashion Week were helpful in the process to even get the idea to showcase a clothing label in the runway show. Very knowledgeable and industry accredited speakers at the workshops educated myself on a number of different topics that I use every day in the Living Dreams brand.” Michael | Living Dreams

“The PHXFW Workshops were a can’t-miss opportunity for learning and improving our business skills, as well as networking. In fact, we met a boutique owner at one of theworkshops who picked up our line! It’s an invaluable resource for Emerging Designers, why wouldn’t you takefull advantage of it?” Julie Cruz | Shawl Dawls

“Phoenix Fashion Week showed the business perspective of fashion which helped Mabella Chic brand grow to the next step by being prepared with the necessary tools.” Mabel Cortez | Mabella Chic