2018 San Francisco Meet and Greet


Calling all designers in the San Francisco, CA area! Phoenix Fashion Week is headed your way. We are beginning our search for the best up and coming fashion brands to take part in our 2018 Emerging Designer Program. If you are interested come meet us and learn more about our program!


WHEN: ​Tuesday 2/6  5:30 PM

WHERE: ​FIDM San Francisco ​

​ADDRESS: ​​55 Stockton St. San Francisco, CA 94108


EACH YEAR: Our designer scouts travel to cities throughout the U.S. and host fashionable “Meet & Greets” at hand selected venues. The purpose is to introduce our www.phoenixfashionweek.com team to the local fashion scene and potentially INVITE top fashion professionals in San Francisco to be a part of our Fall Fashion Week in Arizona.

RSVP: Brenna@phoenixfashionweek.com
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2018 Phoenix Meet and Greet




Calling all designers in the Phoenix, AZ area! Phoenix Fashion Week is headed your way. We are beginning our search for the best up and coming fashion brands to take part in our 2018 Emerging Designer Program. If you are interested come meet us and learn more about our program!


WHEN: ​Thursday 1/1​1 From ​7:00pm – ​9:00pm.

WHERE: ​Monorchid www.monorchid.com ​

​ADDRESS: ​​214 E. Roosevelt Street Phoenix, AZ 85004​

​HOSTED BY: ​Aconav & ​MCA- PHXFW”s Designer of the Year Winners​ 2017​

EACH YEAR: Our designer scouts travel to cities throughout the U.S. and host fashionable “Meet & Greets” at hand selected venues. The purpose is to introduce our www.phoenixfashionweek.com team to the local fashion scene and potentially INVITE top fashion professionals in Phoenix to be a part of our Fall Fashion… Week in Arizona.

RSVP: Brenna@phoenixfashionweek.com
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2018 Tucson Meet and Greet


Calling all designers in the Tucson, AZ area!  Phoenix Fashion Week is headed your way.  We are beginning our search for the best up and coming fashion brands to take part in our 2018 Emerging Designer Program.  If you are interested come meet us and learn more about our program!

MEET & GREET: On Tuesday, December 20th, we are in Tucson!

WHERE: At The Atelier Laura Tanzer (www.LauraTanzerDesigns.com)

WHEN: Tuesday 12/19 From 6:00pm – 8:00pm. 410 N. Toole Ave, Tucson AZ 85701.

HOSTED BY: Laura Tanzer & Qmulative- PHXFW”s Designer of the Year Winners (2016 & 2017)

EACH YEAR: Our designer scouts travel to cities throughout the U.S. and host fashionable “Meet & Greets” at hand selected venues. The purpose is to introduce our www.phoenixfashionweek.com team to the local fashion scene and potentially INVITE top fashion professionals in Tucson to be a part of our Fall Fashion… Week in Arizona.


RSVP: Brenna@phoenixfashionweek.com
Provide: Your full name, brand name, website address, contact e-mail, & contact phone #.

Maricopan named Phoenix Fashion Week Designer of the Year


Clothing designer Loren Aragon of Rancho El Dorado is the first Native American to be named Couture Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week.

In the showcase runway show Oct. 7, Aragon’s ACONAV presented his latest designs from his Emergence collection.

“The whole night was a really exciting experience,” said Aragon, whose signature look is comprised of patterns from the pottery for which his Acoma Pueblo heritage is known in the art world.

The Emergence collection is based on the Acoma origin story of two sisters arising out of darkness, finding nourishment in spiritual and practical forms, planting seeds and bringing creatures to life and learning the ways of the world. Aragon’s designs incorporated themes of darkness, light, rainbows, lightning and rain with his original prints.

For the Phoenix show, members of Dancing Earth, an indigenous contemporary dance company from Santa Fe, New Mexico, performed choreography telling the origin story.

Aragon first participated in New York Fashion Week two years ago. He competed at Phoenix Fashion Week last year as an emerging designer and made an impression. But he can already feel the effects of winning the couture competition this time around.

This Aragon design incorporates a rainbow theme from the Acoma origin story.
“It’s really great exposure,” he said. “There have been a lot of responses from markets that want to feature my work in smaller shows and from the normal markets in L.A. and Phoenix,” he said.

Now he is looking for ways to expand and increase supply as requests come in for the ACONAV brand dresses. The current workforce is comprised of Aragon, his mother (seamstress) and his wife Valentina. The design and work space is the lower floor of Loren and Valentina’s two-story home.

ACONAV was one of 15 designers chosen from 300 applicants for the ninth annual Phoenix Fashion Week.

Brian Hill, executive director of Phoenix Fashion Week, said he was proud of the “detailed work and cultural vision” Aragon brought to the runway.

“His brand ACONAV is our new 2018 Designer of the Year, big things are soon to follow,” Hill said.

Aragon spent most of the summer on the Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellowship at the School for Advanced Research’s Indian Arts Research Center in Santa Fe. He had no time to unpack before he had to get his collection show-ready for the big event at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.

As an emerging designer, Aragon was part of a four-month fashion boot camp to demonstrate his knowledge of design as well as the fashion industry.

The title earned ACONAV a prize of goods and services valued at $10,000 and “bragging rights,” as Aragon put it.

He is proudest of being instrumental of getting Native American fashion recognized on a big stage.

“It’s helping me achieve my goals,” he said. “I’m really happy.”

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Greyson Schofield – A Fresh Face at Phoenix Fashion Week


By Miles Tucker

Phoenix Fashion Week 2017 was spectacular, and its finale was nothing short of breathtaking. Couture Night brought out some of the best emerging and established designers to put on an exhibition, the way only Phoenix can. Spectators from all walks of life came to watch as an assortment of masterpieces made their debut on the runway.

On top of that, 40 of the most talented local models competed in challenges to earn a spot on The Agency Arizona’s model roster. These challenges consisted of best headshot, best runway performance, best print editorial ad and best casting interview. I got the chance to speak with one of these ascending models and had a captivating conversation with him.

Greyson Schofield is relatively new to the modeling industry, but he is prepared to take it by storm. Going into the training course that Phoenix Fashion Week had prepared, he had a little experience but was no veteran. However, he took the advice of his photographers and used it to his advantage.

Schofield was proud to be humble and jumped at the chance to learn anything the professionals at Fashion Week had to offer him. Schofield abided by the guidance of expert photographers like Tammy Hodges and Romen Cole, and it paid off. Schofield managed to come first in the headshot challenge and the editorial group shot challenge. By quickly picking up and mastering techniques that seemed foreign to him, Schofield made an impression on the judges and brought home a couple victories.

(Schofield’s headshot of the year [Left] and the group print ad of the year [Right] courtesy of Phoenix Fashion Week and shot by Romen Cole @iam_romencole)

Fashion week was the first time that Schofield walked in a show and he presented nothing but confidence. He attributed his fierce demeanor to his commitment to giving the designers he represented the best look possible. Schofield sported outfits for Koran Fields-Cameron’s WVSH and lifestyle designer of the year Quinlan Wilhite’s QMULATIVE along with Accessory Designer of the Year Colin Jared’s Multi Colored Animal.

Schofield believes that when it comes to his career, relationships are meant to be mutually beneficial. To do this he does his best work for each designer he comes across and networks extensively within the industry.

(Courtesy of Phoenix Fashion Week)

When I asked Schofield what he saw in his future for modeling following fashion week, he told me that he wants to reach out to photographers and help them build their reputations. Photographers get the chance to strengthen their portfolios, and Schofield gets to put his name into new circles.

Having a lasting career in the modeling industry can be tough, and doing it right means keeping an open mind. To do this Schofield works with these photographers in order complement his personal portfolio with shots from different fashion genres. Showing versatility is important because scouts know exactly what they are looking for in a model, and being ready for anything makes everyone’s job easier.

(Shot by Tammy Hodges @tammyhodgesphoto featuring headbands by Multi Colored Animal)

What Schofield lacks in experience, he makes up for with his raw talent and eagerness to learn. These qualities are sure to land him contracts as he becomes more familiar with the trade. He looks to pursue all of his business ventures with enthusiasm, and he is sure to make waves as a fresh face in the industry.

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My First Time at Phoenix Fashion Week

By Ajaden Welter

“Ecstatic, Sensational, Stressful.” These words described the night for Nouvelle Palm Beach designer and contemporary designer of the year Joanne Snodgrass. While myself and Joanne had two completely different experiences at the event. In a sense, these words also described my first ever Fashion Week experience as well.

Attending a Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine. When presented with the opportunity to go to Phoenix Fashion Week, there is no better word than ecstatic to describe how I felt. Immediately I knew I needed to do my homework on the designers featured while also dealing with the nearly impossible task of finding the right outfit to wear.

When I arrived, I did not quite know what to expect. My experience exceeded expectations as I fully divulged myself into the Phoenix Fashion culture and immersed myself in all the different collections that event had to offer.

The opening collection by Theo Doro set to the tune of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” led me into a fashion Oz with enthralling and enchanting looks. Each collection dazzled with a new personality and theme completely different from the last.

Photo Courtesy of @Theo_Doro_Fairyland on Instagram

The show jumped from the youthful quirkiness of Odd Bird Designs, to the homage of their respective cultures in the designs of the EnnYe Collection and Nahuala, to intricate accessories and headpieces meant to mirror coral reefs of the ocean in the Farah Abu.

Photo Courtesy of @Ennye_Collection on Instagram

My personal favorite collection of the night was the exquisite detail and precision in the work of Phoenix area locals Brothers Tailors. Their collection involved a mix of both female and male models in extremely fitted dresses and suits that felt the most modern and relaxed out of all the collections.

Where my night and Joanne Snodgrass’s night differed was her level of stress that night. It was understandably due to the extreme amounts of hard work that she and every other designer put into their collections.

The final word that I would use to describe my night would be inspirational. The hard work that every designer put into their collections instilled a craving in me for more fashion.

Even though the event lasted well over two hours, the time went by too fast because I was mesmerized by all the looks that I saw that night. Fashion is meant to inspire. Not only by the end of the night did I feel inspired, but I left with a brand-new perspective on what it means to eat, live, and dream fashion.


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My Top Five Shows From Phoenix Fashion Week Night One – The Chic Daily


By Megan Barbera

Energies were high on Thursday night at the Talking Stick Resort as the first night of Phoenix Fashion week brought together fashionistas from all over Arizona and beyond. Walking around the beautiful Style Villa, I was in awe of the uniqueness and individuality brought upon by the Phoenix fashion culture.

Although there was an abundance of designers that caught my eye, I had the pleasure of conversing with a handful that not only had striking clothing collections but interesting backgrounds and motives as well. Here are my top five up-and-coming designers from Phoenix Fashion Week:


Navajo Mermaid – Phoenix, Arizona

Artistic designs and free-flowing pieces dominated the runway as Navajo Mermaid unveiled two new looks to the fashion week runway. Designed by Arizona native Cody Matthieu, Navajo Mermaid brings a uniquely colorful vibe to a very minimalistic fashion world.

When asked about how he wants people to feel when wearing his clothing, he told me “I want the people wearing my clothes to feel smarter. I want them to feel like a princess.”

Matthieu certainly succeeded in that, collabing with another up-and-coming Arizona clothing line Savg Thread. His models rocked unique kimonos that bring the wearer to a whole new level of feeling free. Cody’s laidback personality and loud designs make Navajo Mermaid a brand to look out for in the upcoming year.

Instagram: @navajomermaid


Source: https://savgthread.com/shop/savg-mermaid-kimono


Dakota Jeane – Phoenix, Arizona

The 70s were alive and well on the runway with Dakota Jeane showcasing two of her newest vintage-inspired looks. Taking vintage fabric and creating it into modern and unique pieces, Dakota Jeane caught my attention with her designs that brought a groovy vibe to Phoenix Fashion Week.

When I asked her how she wants the wearers of her clothes to feel, she told me “fun, funky, and flattering.” That vision comes alive with her unique take on vintage, made for the fun-loving, independent woman. Her sweet, welcoming persona and Woodstock-inspired clothing make her out to be a strong up-and-coming designer in the Phoenix fashion community.

Instagram: @dakotajeane


Source: https://frockify.shoplightspeed.com/dakota-jeane/


Prodigal $un – Peoria, Arizona

Hard hitting and edgy, Prodigal $un struck the runway with classic, cool vibes that seemed to be a crowd favorite. With leather jackets, dark hues, and vintage-inspired t-shirts, Prodigal $un is most definitely a brand made for the “cool guy.”

I asked Hartley what the inspiration behind his clothes was, he told me “70s and 80s metal culture, as well as 90s grunge.” While the inspo behind his designs dates back, he still manages to keep it modern through impressive lookbook styling, and the use of timeless pieces. With solid 2017 runway looks and a chill persona, Brandon Hartley and Prodigal $un are not to be slept on in this coming year.

Instagram: @mr_prodigalsun


Source: https://mrprodigalsun.com/lookbook/


Shalaja Swimwear – Mableton, Georgia

The runway was heating up as Shalaja swimwear designer Shaquoya Jackson strutted alongside her models in fun and trendsetting swimsuits. With bold cutouts and bright colors, Shalaja swimwear was most definitely one of my favorites for the night. Aiming to cater to all bodies, Jackson wants to “create a brand that caters to different body types…from the sexy to the very curvy, and everything in between”. Jackson’s bright personality shines through her electrifying swimwear designs, overall making her a designer that you don’t want to sleep on.

Aiming to cater to all bodies, Jackson wants to “create a brand that caters to different body types…from the sexy to the very curvy, and everything in between.” Jackson’s bright personality shines through her electrifying swimwear designs, overall making her a designer that you want to start paying attention to.

Instagram: @shalajaswimwear


Source: https://www.shalajaswimwear.com/social-1/


Moon Arrow – Los Angeles, California

A free-spirited and hippie vibe was brought to the Phoenix fashion week runway, and that’s thanks to Moon Arrow Co. designer Gabriela Rosales. Describing her brand as “a lifestyle and clothing brand for the free-flowing gypsy traveler who still appreciates the glamorous things in life,” Rosales brings an interesting take on hippie fashion.

That most definitely translated on the runway last night, as she presented eleven bohemian gypsy influenced looks that spoke “bold” and “free.” Rosales with her free spirit and unique designs is a certain designer to keep your eye on.

Instagram: @moonarrowco


Source: http://moonarrow.co/


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Power To The Peaceful

Local artist, model and entrepreneur Nicholas Murray is turning creative expression into enterprise

By Liz Massey, October 2017 Issue.

There is an old bit of advice to artists that encourages them to focus their talents and not spread themselves too thinly. But the other side of that argument is this: when you have a confluence of multiple strengths, each skill amplifies the others. Think of a mighty river, like the Mississippi or the Colorado – what are they beyond a gathering of countless tributary streams?

Similarly, Nicholas Murray’s creativity flows out of him in numerous ways, including drawing, painting, modeling, T-shirt/logo design, photography, photo editing and so much more. He has channeled these talents by organizing their output into his business, Dupree Art Studio LLC.

“Dupree Art Studio reflects me as a Renaissance man,” he said. “[I]t reflects me as a person [and] allows me to use these different mediums for artistic expression.”

While Murray’s creativity may flow from him in many directions, it has but one source.

“Different ideas, emotions, concepts, amongst many other things, can be evoked and presented through the vehicle of art,” Murray shared with readers of his blog in an early entry on the site. “This is mainly why art is so important to me personally.”


Finding Initial Inspiration

From childhood, Murray said he was encouraged to engage in the visual and performing arts. His mother and grandmother, who joined forces to raise him and his sister, viewed the arts as a good way to keep their offspring involved and focused.

“My mom wanted us to be active,” he noted. “She didn’t want us to become stagnant. I was involved in sports here and there, but I never really connected with that.”

Instead, Murray’s childhood was filled with drawing, playing alto sax in school as well as taking dance classes in jazz, tap and ballet. He learned early that the act of bringing his creations to life was the fire that lit his soul.

“I can create and be involved in art all day long and not get tired,” he said. “That’s how I know that’s where I’m supposed to be.”

By the time he went to college at Arizona State University, he had developed a passion for animation and dreamed of working for Disney. Although those dreams never came true, he said, the degree program did expose him to other fine arts disciplines, and that was significant for his professional development.

“The prerequisite classes for animation included life drawing and sculpture,” Murray remembered. “I enjoyed them, they showed me what I was good at, and it helped me figure out what I liked. … I eventually realized that animation wasn’t the path for me, but by then I knew I had other options to express myself artistically.”


Walking the (Cat)Walk

Nicholas Murray on the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week 2016. Photo by Bill Gemmill.
Although much of Murray’s art-making involves creating visual fine art, another aspect of his career finds him embodying art as a model. Murray has been glimpsed modeling clothes and accessories at a number of Valley events, most notably at Phoenix Fashion Week, where he was a Top 40 model.

According to Murray, he sees his modeling work as an extension of the dance and performing arts activities he did as a kid, and relishes the opportunity to use his body as the canvas.

“You have to have a fierce walk on the catwalk,” he explained. “You can’t second-guess yourself … instead of putting your images on canvas, you’re representing the clothes. You, as the model, become the composition in which the viewer is able to create their own personal interpretation.”

Further, Murray said he viewed his footwork while in the fashion spotlight as a parallel to his creative choices when he’s making his own art.

“The way I walk when modeling depends on what’s being portrayed,” he said, “t’s like the colors of a painting.”


Painting it Forward

The concept of community, inclusive of the many groups that Murray aligns with, is never far from his mind. One of his primary creative influences is the Harlem Renaissance painter Aaron Douglas, whom Murray admires for the way he incorporated African themes and history into his work.

“I found it really cool that he appreciated where he came from, and found beauty in our culture,” Murray said.

Murray pays forward his community commitment by connecting with younger artists and supporting after-school programs that emphasize the fine arts and digital art-making/music. He’s worked with LGBTQ youth through one•n•ten, as well as other programs serving a broad range of Valley youth.

Kema Charles, the executive director of the youth educational nonprofit Lights Camera Discover, has observed Murray’s dedication though his actions.

“His dedication to the youth of our community is amazing,” Charles said. “Before he was a board member for our organization, he held a special fundraiser to support the youth of our program. We are very pleased with his efforts and look forward to using his knowledge and skills to reach more of our youth.”

Another way Murray has advanced LGBTQ causes locally has been by staying active in the Devils’ Pride alumni chapter at ASU. Throughout the past five years, he coordinated the art auction that the chapter hosts at its annual fundraising dinner for its scholarship fund, linking Sun Devil supporters with the work of queer and ally artists in Phoenix.

All of this fulfills part of his role as a gay black artist in the broader social justice movement, he said, adding that he believes “artists absolutely have a role in creating equality.”


Turning Expression into Enterprise

One of the reasons Murray may have already demonstrated his staying power in the Phoenix art scene is because he’s viewed his efforts as part of a larger business enterprise. He complemented his 2005 fine arts undergraduate degree from ASU with an MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2012, and augments his art career income with landlording, a daytime position in higher education as well as other pursuits.

“I knew getting an MBA would be an asset for my future,” he said. “It’s helping me promote and make an impact with my art.”

As with his creative pursuits, the business services offered by Dupree Art Studio are diverse, and include commissions, charcoal drawings, acrylic paintings, wedding photography, modeling and logo/apparel creation, including his popular “Power to the Peaceful” line (see sidebar).

Can the generation of would-be artists coming along behind Murray imitate his habits and achieve success similar to his? Murray thinks so, if they’re willing to show some old-fashioned stick-to-it-tive-ness.

“Do not let outside negativity drown out your creativity,” he asserted. “Use your asset and what you’re good at to your advantage and know that you can create beautiful things. Always be yourself and evolve from there!”


For more on Nicholas Murray and Dupree Art Studio, like DuPreeArts on Facebook, follow @DuPreeArtStudio on Instagram or visit dupreeartstudio.com.


Wearing is Caring

One way that Nicholas Murray has expressed his desire to make an impact on the larger community has been through the development of his “Power to the Peaceful” apparel campaign.

The effort includes T-shirts and tank tops emblazoned with figures in meditative and reflective poses.

According to Murray, the creation of this apparel line is as much about his own inner peace as it is outer peace.

“The campaign focuses on our similarities and the importance of love,” he said. “I use it as a reminder to be happy and to uplift others and to mainly spread peace.”

For more on Nicholas Murray’s Power to the Peaceful apparel campaign, visit dupreeartstudio.com/product-category/tshirts.


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Phoenix Fashion Week: The Southwest’s Most Recognized Runway Show

By: Tyler Butler

Derived from the outcry of what designers need most, buyers, Phoenix Fashion Week has continued to build momentum over the past nine years. Through its Business of Fashion boot camp to its support of causes, Phoenix Fashion Week is giving back to the community through knowledge and mentoring.

Charity for this organization not only means supporting philanthropic opportunities it means that they have a sincere focus on grooming and developing the necessary skills and opportunities for emerging designers to launch and successfully grow their own business endeavors.

This event has developed into a mix between the established and the ingénue. Providing the Valley with an opportunity to have VIP access and a real experience with professional designers such as Yas Couture, a Dubai based designer who dresses celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, Gwen Stefani and Mel B.; Rocky Gathecole, who outfits stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton; and Charmosa Swimwear, which you can catch on the 2017 Sports Illustrated swimwear cover. Better yet, this event has cultivated a program for up and coming fashion super stars both in the design realm and in the modeling profession.

Through its three-month emerging designer boot camp, Phoenix Fashion Week has created a program to help those working their way up in the industry. The goal is the same for both designers and models: producing successful, thriving businesses and professionals who will elevate Arizona’s profile in the fashion industry. One model success story is on the September 2017 cover of Glamour magazine: Phoenix Fashion Week Model of the Year Cierra Blankenship.

The next frontier for this organization is a keen focus on national recognition through media and also via opportunities for the brands developed locally to be sold at prominent national retailers such as Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus. The executive director of Phoenix Fashion Week, Brian Hill, said guests this year will get to purchase curated items direct from its runways through the Phoenix Fashion Week mobile app. This, he said, satisfies its mission of bridging designers and buyers.

The three-day event, held October 5-7, will offer 26 high-energy runway shows. Hosted by Talking Stick Resort, the first night will showcase a Fashionably Pink Show in support of Don’t Be a Chump! Check for a Lump! This is one fashion extravaganza that the most stylish in Arizona won’t want to miss.

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Attorney Andrea Arndt to Speak at Phoenix Fashion Week

September 28, 2017
Dickinson Wright PLLC is pleased to announce that Attorney Andrea Arndt will be speaking at Phoenix Fashion Week on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Ms. Arndt will be giving a presentation entitled “Don’t Be Legally Naked – Protect Your Designs.” This seminar offers a basic guide to the fashion design process and the law to protect your work. It covers the steps any creative designer should take in order to stop somebody else from stealing or otherwise using your work without your permission. It also provides guidance on minimizing your risk of getting sued for using someone else’s work.

Phoenix Fashion Week is the leading fashion industry event in the Southwest. The organization’s mission is to bridge the gap between national and international designers, premier retailers and top fashion media. Through educational fashion seminars, year-round fashion events, and charitable partnerships, Phoenix Fashion Week is gaining rapid acclaim for its community-service efforts and for infusing world-class innovation into the Southwest. To learn more and to register, please click here.

Ms. Arndt is an Associate in the firm’s Troy office. She practices all aspects of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. She also handles litigation, technology licensing, and transactional matters. She has worked in the intellectual property field for over 12 years, representing a wide range of clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Arndt is a member of the American Intellectual Property Association and the Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association. She received her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and her J.D. from Marquette University Law School.

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